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Are you wanting to buy a house in Arizona but don't know where to start? Stay tuned as I'm going to break it down from start to finish! Hi guys, I'm Alejandra Paladino your local AZ real estate agent.

I love living in AZ and on this blog I share all about living here, plus I share about the real estate and moving here. So Make sure you keep posted that way you can join the family and know when the next video comes out.If my team and I can answer any questions about real estate, or Arizona just reach out by going to Zoomtoarizona.com and you can book a call with us!

Alright lets dive into the steps of buying a house in Arizona.

Step 1
The initial step in your home-buying process is putting together your dream team. You're going to need 2 key players: a local real estate agent and a lender. If you're uncertain about a lender your real estate agent can recommend one or vice versa. This team will work together to get you approved, help you secure your dream home but also ensure a smooth, stress-free journey. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work, so choose your team wisely.

Step 2
Once you've picked your realtor and lender, your first course of action is to get pre-qualified. It's important to get pre-qualified before you start scouting homes. To get pre-qualified, the lender will request an array of documents, including W-2s, tax records, income statements, and debt information. Beware of lenders who merely rely on a credit score without demanding this essential paperwork – it's a red flag. You want a lender who's willing to do the legwork up front, ensuring you're fully pre-approved and will be able to close once you find your house.If you're a cash buyer, you'll need proof of funds. That can be a printout of your bank statement with sensitive information blacked out. Another approach is to obtain a letter from your bank manager, stating you have sufficient cash reserves to purchase your desired property. This approach keeps your financial cards close to your chest, as sellers won't have an exact figure to negotiate with, and it can also give you an edge in certain situations.

Step 3-
Next step - is the fun part shopping for your house! What I tell my buyers is once we officially start the process we will begin communicating often. This way once you see a house that gets listed that you're interested in reach out and let your real estate agent know immediately so you can coordinate an appointment to go see the house. A house on the market can sometimes sell fast and sometimes sell more slowly. So if it's one that you like I recommend viewing it as soon as you can and seeing if it's the one for you.

Step 4 - Once you find a house that you like you make an offer. Your realtor will do an analysis on the home to make sure it is priced correctly. They will look at recently sold homes that are comparable. These homes will be within a 1 mile radius of the house you're interested in, be similar in condition/updates, have similar square feet, be single story or 2 story and have similar lot size. Plus they must of been sold within the past 6 months.
Once the home price has been analyzed your realtor will discuss with you offer terms such as closing date, if you need money for closing costs and other important terms. If you find a house that has multiple offers there will be no time to haggle with lowball offers. But if you find a house that has been sitting on the market longer you can put in a more aggressive offer. Such as below listing price or ask for the seller for money in the form of a seller credit which you can use to pay your closing costs or by down the interest rate.

Step 5 -
Your offer has been accepted! The next step is to open escrow within 48 hours by paying your earnest money deposit. Earnest money can be $1500 to 1% of the purchase price on average but could be higher in competitive situations. A substantial earnest money deposit can motivate sellers to choose your offer over others, demonstrating your commitment to the purchase.

Step 6 -
Inspection period. This begins the day after your contract is accepted. And you have 10 days (unless your contract specifies otherwise) for inspections. This is your time to investigate the house from the overall house, to termites, roof and sewer line evaluations. Some buyers even opt for mold inspections to address their concerns, especially if they're relocating from mold-prone regions. After these 10 days, you'll submit your office repairs request in the form of the Buyer Inspection Notice to the seller, offering three choices: accepting the property as is, walking away, or requesting specific repairs.The seller then has 5 days to respond, by either agreeing to fix all issues, rejecting all repairs, or offering a compromise. If you're interested in a cash-in-lieu-of-repairs or a price reduction, your agent will communicate this outside the formal response.

Step 7 -
Once you are past the inspection period you can no longer cancel. The next step is to order the appraisal, which can be time-sensitive due to backlogs. The appraisal assures the bank that the property's value aligns with the purchase price, and is a requirement in securing financing. You want the appraisal to come back and be atleast for the agreed purchase price. If the appraisal comes back higher than you are walking into instant equity. If the appraisal is below the purchase price than your real estate agent will need to renegotiate a new purchase price. Also, if you are an FHA buyer than the appraiser will confirm the house is in good condition and if there are any repairs such as a broken window the appraiser will call out the repairs that need to be corrected before being able to close on the house.Step 8 -
Preparing for close.

House in ArizonaPhoto byVita VilcinaonUnsplash

You may experience a quiet period of 5-10 days as the underwriter finalizes various checks. Don't be concerned about the silence as it's all part of the process. Once everything checks out, the lender will confirm that your file is clear to close! They will send all documents to the title company and then you'll get scheduled for your signing appointment. Unlike other states, we sign documents independently. You will have the option to sign at the title company or you can sign anywhere as the title company will schedule a mobile notary to sign all your documents. Your signing appointment is usually several days before closing but sometimes it has even been scheduled for the same day as closing. At closing is when you will pay your cash to close. This is made up of your down payment and your closing costs. Keep in mind that you won't receive the keys at this point.

Step 9 -
On the day of closing the title and escrow company will send all the signed documents to the county recorder for public recording. This process can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours, depending on county workload. Once the recording has officially taken place title will contact your real estate agent and they will contact you to let you know you've officially closed and they will coordinate with you to give you keys to your house.Something to keep in mind is in Arizona, our standard real estate contracts are legally sound and drafted by experienced attorneys. Lawyers generally don't get involved unless it's a complex situation or when specific disputes arise.I know this was a lot of information to take in. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to book at call with my team and I by going to zoomtoarizona.com.

Please share this blog if you found value in it. And if you have any questions you want to see videos done on please comment below. Make sure you checkout the Channel - moving to Arizona for more educational blogs & videos on buying your house and to learn more about Arizona.

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What my clients are saying  

We LOVED working with Alejandra! She was recommended to us by our friends who had just purchased their first home. They spoke so highly of her and we completely understand why. She is so friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She will go in and ask all the right questions as well as make appropriate follow ups to ensure everything's on schedule. She truly goes above and beyond for her clients from capturing the special closing moment to gifting a holiday photo session us. We thought that was extremely thoughtful. Thank you Alejandra for making our home buying process so great!


~ Tania Contreras

Working with Alejandra has been an absolute delight! As first-time home buyers, my partner and I were filled with a mixture of excitement and nervousness about the process, but Alejandra quickly put our minds at ease with her exceptional guidance and expertise Thanks to Alejandra's expertise and support, we not only found the perfect home but also enjoyed a stress-free experience along the way. We cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone in search of a dedicated, knowledgeable, and reliable realtor. Working with Alejandra has truly been a five-star experience from start to finish, and we are immensely grateful for her guidance and assistance.


~ Jessica Clark

Best realtor hands down! I would recommend her 100% over for the following reasons: 1. Patience: Alejandra is a very calm and collected person. She will support and help when needed. 2. Knowledge: Her expertise in the market world is impressive. 3. Honest: No matter what the scenario is, she's very honest with real world experiences and answers questions truthfully. 4. Personality: She is a well rounded person. Constantly smiling and looking at the world in a positive manner. Her laugh is contagious. 5. Hard working/Organized: No matter the day and time she is very responsive. No joke. I've messaged her early before work or late after work and weekends. 6. Creativity: She enhances your new home purchasing experience by setting up photo AND video shoots. ?? I can go on and on and on but the hot reasons above is why I knew she was the best realtor for me. I'm glad she's in my life and she's made my home buying experience one of the best there is. ??


~ Angelica Davis

Alejandra was so amazing through the whole process of helping me sell my house . She made things smooth for me and took care of my family and for that I am forever grateful. If you are needing an amazing realtor she won’t let you down ! Thanks again Alejandra


~ Jennifer Toma

If we could give Alejandra 6 stars, we would! She is very sweet, patient, and amazing at what she does. Her and Tima are literally the definition of a dream team. They both made the entire purchase process, seamless. If you were contemplating whether or not to chose her as your Realtor, take this as a sign and do it!


~ Alejandra Mancinas-Pacheco

I’ve found Alejandra on Instagram and I am glad I did!. she’s very professional, very educational throughout the process, She provided with a homebuying guide, which I thought it was very thoughtful. Totally someone you can trust on with your homebuying process! Thank you, Alejandra??


~ L.B.

If we could give Alejandra 6 stars, we would! She is very sweet, patient, and amazing at what she does. Her and Tima are literally the definition of a dream team. They both made the entire purchase process, seamless. If you were contemplating whether or not to chose her as your Realtor, take this as a sign and do it!


~ Alejandra M-P.

Alejandra is the best! We initially discovered her Instagram page that led us to her YouTube page. Both accounts provide a ton of info, which helped us make informed decisions. Alejandra made our Arizona relocation to purchase our first home a memorable and smooth experience. She is knowledgeable, personable and caring. We highly recommend Alejandra as a real estate professional!


~ John T.

Thank you Alejandra for all your assistance in finding me a home. You made the process stress free and I truly enjoyed working with you.


~ Edgar R.

If you are looking for a reliable realtor look no further!!! Alejandra Paladino is amazing!!! She is very efficient, prompt, patient, honest, and dependable. I am very much pleased for all the help she did on my house-hunting journey up to the processing of documentation. I would recommend her.


~ Lane

We highly recommend Alejandra. She was able to find us a home in one month during this crazy market. The timing of the home being ready worked out perfectly for our move. She was extremely helpful with our situation since we were moving to Phoenix from out of state. Her positivity and passion will be to your advantage when finding a home in Phoenix!


~ Paige V.

Alejandra did a great job finding us a home in a hot and difficult market. She was very thorough and attentive to our needs and jumped through many hoops to make this happen. We appreciate all the hard work she put in to securing our home for us.


~ Ryan J.

Alejandra is amazing, she will go beyond measure to make sure all your requests met. I recommend her 100% all of the time all the time. I'm very very hard to please she was kind and courteous not matter how difficulty I may have been. The home we purchased was by lottery only, we could attend so she went for us. Stood in line, in the Arizona heat with a 100 people in order for us to a chance at our beautiful new home. She is the best!!!! Betty and Ty


~ Betty M.

Working with Alejandra this past year has been a wonderful blessing! She help guide us in finding our new home and helping us through the build of it; and when we were needing to sell our home in Tempe she was on top of everything assisting through every turn and twist. She was fun, professional, and exuberant With her love of assisting people to meet their dreams! I would recommend Alejandra 100% to all that need to find a home and or sell a home.


~ Elaine C.

My husband and I purchased a home in 2019 and quickly learned it was not the right location for our family. I found Alejandra through Instagram a few months ago and she was so prompt with her response and eagerness to help us get to where we needed to be. She was patient, kind and understanding. She knew exactly how to guide us during our sale, house hunt & escrow. The whole process went extremely smooth with her constant follow up and attention to detail. I would recommend using Alejandra for all of your real estate needs. Hands down the most professional agent I have ever come across since moving to Arizona.


~ Megan M.

Alejandra is amazing! As a first time homebuyer she made it so easy, stress free and an overall great experience! She was so flexible and even delivered the keys to my house later in the evening so I didn't have to wait. I would definitely recommend her and if I ever do this process again, she will be my go to!


~ Sydney E.

As a first time home buyer, we had a lot of questions and Alejandra made our process of searching & purchasing a house a breeze! She is GREAT at communicating and is always quick to respond to any questions and concerns we had. Her work ethic is impressive and we can tell she prioritize her job. She did a great job at getting the seller to cover closing costs and repair all our requests. We are so thankful for having an amazing realtor and hope you consider her! We are closing on a house with her tomorrow and I couldn't have asked for a better realtor.


~ Julia V.

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