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Why did we leave Sunny California for blazing hot Arizona?


Stay tuned I’ll be sharing all the details


Hi everyone I'm Alejandra Paladino your local Arizona real estate agent. If this is your first time to my website and you want to know everything about moving, to Arizona living in Arizona make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you’re notified every time I post a new blog. 

I’m getting so many people calling who are relocating here and I absolutely love it! If you think about moving relocating or coming here to stay make sure you give me a call shoot me a text, send me an email which ever way you want to reach out. I’m happy to help out.

5 years ago we moved from gorgeous California to Arizona.

One day I came home from work and said to my husband Why are we fighting to live here? I had just spent an hour in bumper to bumper traffic driving home from Santa Monica to Hollywood.

We then started exploring places we could move to & researching home prices. We quickly realized that even buying a house in the boonies was out of the question as home prices were much too high. My husband suggested Arizona.

We began looking up information & the homes. That’s why we fell in love with these big beautiful homes that were priced so much more affordably than homes in California. And the homes had a yard with a pool! That was such a dream for us. And with the prices that we were seeing it became a dream that we could make a reality.

We came to visit so I could make sure I could stand the heat and I fell in love with Arizona. Specifically we were drawn to Queen Creek, Gilbert & Chandler.

Amazing schools

As soon to be parents we were of course looking at the school systems & the school ratings. And we noticed that those three cities had schools with amazing school ratings. Many of them are actually public schools and easy to get into unlike the lottery system that many of the good charter schools in California have.

Some examples:

(Queen Creek High School, a public secondary school located in 22149 E Ocotillo Rd, Queen Creek)

(Gilbert High School, the oldest public high school in Gilbert located in 1101 E Elliot Rd, Gilbert)

(Chandler High School, a high school and historical landmark located in 350 N Arizona Ave, Chandler)

Amazing Weather

And something I love about Arizona is the weather. I love that it’s sunny almost every single day of the year. I'm a sunshine girl.

Yes it’s hot but it’s a different kind of heat it’s a dry heat and you get used to it. And for that reason it’s a must to have a home with a pool so you can enjoy in the summer and stay cool. Leaving California was hard for me because I used to live by the beach. But finding this desert oasis out here has been an amazing trade.

This week's weather for example: 

(Weather forecast from: ABC15 Weather Forecast)

Family oriented

I love how family oriented everything is out here. The neighborhoods not only are safe but feel safe. There are tons of public parks everywhere plus most of the neighborhoods here have their own parks. And you’ll find sidewalks throughout the neighborhoods which is great because many families take advantage and go on walks or ride their bikes and scooters.

(Playground at The Villages in Rancho El Dorado)

(Olive Mill, Queen Creek)

(Pacana Park, Maricopa)

(Mansel Carter Oasis Park)

Slower Pace of life

Living here has been quite refreshing for our family. We love the slower pace of life. In California it  just felt like a nonstop hustle and bustle but here it seems better. Probably because I’m saving time not being stuck in traffic when I’m trying to go anywhere.

Lower Cost of Living 

But my number one favorite thing of why we moved here and we love it here is the cost of living. When we lived in California we felt like we were paycheck to paycheck. We had good salary jobs above the median household income but still it felt like we were struggling. The crazy thing is we were paying $2600 a month for a 2 bedroom condo we were renting.

And now we have a house with a pool and we are paying much less than that for our mortgage. It’s crazy!

So the top 5 reasons that brought us here and have kept us here are:

-Amazing schools
-The great weather
-Family oriented
-Slower pace of life
-Lower cost of living

And there are many more reasons that we love it here.


You’ve got to reach out to to me to find the perfect area that you’re thinking about living in or want to go see. Best way to do that is give me a call, send me a text or send me an email however you want to get a hold of me

I’m here ready to help you.

Contact Me


What my clients are saying  

We LOVED working with Alejandra! She was recommended to us by our friends who had just purchased their first home. They spoke so highly of her and we completely understand why. She is so friendly and extremely knowledgeable. She will go in and ask all the right questions as well as make appropriate follow ups to ensure everything's on schedule. She truly goes above and beyond for her clients from capturing the special closing moment to gifting a holiday photo session us. We thought that was extremely thoughtful. Thank you Alejandra for making our home buying process so great!


~ Tania Contreras

Working with Alejandra has been an absolute delight! As first-time home buyers, my partner and I were filled with a mixture of excitement and nervousness about the process, but Alejandra quickly put our minds at ease with her exceptional guidance and expertise Thanks to Alejandra's expertise and support, we not only found the perfect home but also enjoyed a stress-free experience along the way. We cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone in search of a dedicated, knowledgeable, and reliable realtor. Working with Alejandra has truly been a five-star experience from start to finish, and we are immensely grateful for her guidance and assistance.


~ Jessica Clark

Best realtor hands down! I would recommend her 100% over for the following reasons: 1. Patience: Alejandra is a very calm and collected person. She will support and help when needed. 2. Knowledge: Her expertise in the market world is impressive. 3. Honest: No matter what the scenario is, she's very honest with real world experiences and answers questions truthfully. 4. Personality: She is a well rounded person. Constantly smiling and looking at the world in a positive manner. Her laugh is contagious. 5. Hard working/Organized: No matter the day and time she is very responsive. No joke. I've messaged her early before work or late after work and weekends. 6. Creativity: She enhances your new home purchasing experience by setting up photo AND video shoots. ?? I can go on and on and on but the hot reasons above is why I knew she was the best realtor for me. I'm glad she's in my life and she's made my home buying experience one of the best there is. ??


~ Angelica Davis

Alejandra was so amazing through the whole process of helping me sell my house . She made things smooth for me and took care of my family and for that I am forever grateful. If you are needing an amazing realtor she won’t let you down ! Thanks again Alejandra


~ Jennifer Toma

If we could give Alejandra 6 stars, we would! She is very sweet, patient, and amazing at what she does. Her and Tima are literally the definition of a dream team. They both made the entire purchase process, seamless. If you were contemplating whether or not to chose her as your Realtor, take this as a sign and do it!


~ Alejandra Mancinas-Pacheco

I’ve found Alejandra on Instagram and I am glad I did!. she’s very professional, very educational throughout the process, She provided with a homebuying guide, which I thought it was very thoughtful. Totally someone you can trust on with your homebuying process! Thank you, Alejandra??


~ L.B.

If we could give Alejandra 6 stars, we would! She is very sweet, patient, and amazing at what she does. Her and Tima are literally the definition of a dream team. They both made the entire purchase process, seamless. If you were contemplating whether or not to chose her as your Realtor, take this as a sign and do it!


~ Alejandra M-P.

Alejandra is the best! We initially discovered her Instagram page that led us to her YouTube page. Both accounts provide a ton of info, which helped us make informed decisions. Alejandra made our Arizona relocation to purchase our first home a memorable and smooth experience. She is knowledgeable, personable and caring. We highly recommend Alejandra as a real estate professional!


~ John T.

Thank you Alejandra for all your assistance in finding me a home. You made the process stress free and I truly enjoyed working with you.


~ Edgar R.

If you are looking for a reliable realtor look no further!!! Alejandra Paladino is amazing!!! She is very efficient, prompt, patient, honest, and dependable. I am very much pleased for all the help she did on my house-hunting journey up to the processing of documentation. I would recommend her.


~ Lane

We highly recommend Alejandra. She was able to find us a home in one month during this crazy market. The timing of the home being ready worked out perfectly for our move. She was extremely helpful with our situation since we were moving to Phoenix from out of state. Her positivity and passion will be to your advantage when finding a home in Phoenix!


~ Paige V.

Alejandra did a great job finding us a home in a hot and difficult market. She was very thorough and attentive to our needs and jumped through many hoops to make this happen. We appreciate all the hard work she put in to securing our home for us.


~ Ryan J.

Alejandra is amazing, she will go beyond measure to make sure all your requests met. I recommend her 100% all of the time all the time. I'm very very hard to please she was kind and courteous not matter how difficulty I may have been. The home we purchased was by lottery only, we could attend so she went for us. Stood in line, in the Arizona heat with a 100 people in order for us to a chance at our beautiful new home. She is the best!!!! Betty and Ty


~ Betty M.

Working with Alejandra this past year has been a wonderful blessing! She help guide us in finding our new home and helping us through the build of it; and when we were needing to sell our home in Tempe she was on top of everything assisting through every turn and twist. She was fun, professional, and exuberant With her love of assisting people to meet their dreams! I would recommend Alejandra 100% to all that need to find a home and or sell a home.


~ Elaine C.

My husband and I purchased a home in 2019 and quickly learned it was not the right location for our family. I found Alejandra through Instagram a few months ago and she was so prompt with her response and eagerness to help us get to where we needed to be. She was patient, kind and understanding. She knew exactly how to guide us during our sale, house hunt & escrow. The whole process went extremely smooth with her constant follow up and attention to detail. I would recommend using Alejandra for all of your real estate needs. Hands down the most professional agent I have ever come across since moving to Arizona.


~ Megan M.

Alejandra is amazing! As a first time homebuyer she made it so easy, stress free and an overall great experience! She was so flexible and even delivered the keys to my house later in the evening so I didn't have to wait. I would definitely recommend her and if I ever do this process again, she will be my go to!


~ Sydney E.

As a first time home buyer, we had a lot of questions and Alejandra made our process of searching & purchasing a house a breeze! She is GREAT at communicating and is always quick to respond to any questions and concerns we had. Her work ethic is impressive and we can tell she prioritize her job. She did a great job at getting the seller to cover closing costs and repair all our requests. We are so thankful for having an amazing realtor and hope you consider her! We are closing on a house with her tomorrow and I couldn't have asked for a better realtor.


~ Julia V.

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